15 min: $25.00
30 min: $40.00
60 min: $60.00
90 min: $85.00
120 min: $110.00

Each client receives a massage modified to meet their personal needs. Massage modalities are combined to best serve each client for their particular needs at the time of the massage. Therefore my pricing is based completey on time not by the type of massage.
Which one would you like?

Shiatsu: Japanese Massage integrated with Traditional Western Medicine, "Ashiatsu" (walking Shiatsu), acupressure, Meridian release, and Meridian stretches. Japanese tradition claims that Shiatsu (a variation of traditional Japanese An-Ma massage) assists the body's systems to rebalance and harmonize themselves.

Tui-Na with Qi-Gong: This is a chair and table Chinese Massage as traditionally taught at the University of Beijing. It utilizes the ordinary meridians and their points as well as the 8 curious/ extraordinary meridians. Tui-Na is known to facilitate scar tissue release, frozen shoulder release, pelvic loosening release, acupressure, Meridian release, and carpal tunnel. As with Shiatsu, it is said that is assists the body's systems to rebalance and harmonize themselves.

Kinesiology-TCM: A 5-element, Brain Gym, Emoto-Somatic Release/ Stress Release. Based upon "Touch for Health" with muscle testing and Meridian release techniques. Kinesiology can determine which foods a client is sensitive to and which foods he can tolerate.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy: Myofascial release, whiplash and fibromyalgia release, Trigger Point Therapy, Infant and Children, and Emotional Somatic Release. Techniques as originated by Upledger Institute and Alain Gehln.

Reflexology: Foot and hand massage, European and American.

Reiki Master: Polarity Therapy, Meridian, Chakra and Aura Release.

Swedish: Neonatal and Carpal Tunnel Release and relaxation.

Magnets, Moxibustion, and Cupping: From Traditional Chinese Medicine theories, these pain-relieving, stress-releasing modalities help the client to “let go” of old injuries and scars with the use of magnets, used in China fro over 5,000 years to relieve pain when applied to acupressure points, cupping to increase circulation to injured areas, and Moxa, a Chinese herb which, when lit and held 2” from the skin on acupressure points, provides pain relief.

Bowen Therapy: Bowen Therapy Releases tension from muscles, ligaments and tendons, as taught by Albert J. LaShell

Warm Stone Massage: Warm and cool stones are used to help relax tense muscles, release scar tissue, and facilitate the healing of old injuries in the muscular system.

Tailored To You: Each massage is tailored to the individual need of the client and integrates the above modalities to insure the client receives the optimal massage for that particular day’s

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