Dear Reader,

We are all "here" for one reason or another. We come from various backgrounds of various social, educational, racial, religious, philosophical, economical and ethnic backgrounds. But this, beautiful space created for me by Mr. Justin Johnson and sponsored by Mr. Richard Carlton of Richard Carlton Consulting, this space is the momentary gluon that connects us to one another, and erases our boundaries.

I've supplied links that I hope will both satisfy your scientific curiosity and titillate your imagination. The whole point with holistic therapy is to continually grow and seek beyond what is there. To be able to combine the functions of the right and left brains into an alchemic synergy that expands our horizons. To remember to be grateful for every blessed moment of life and to be able to celebrate it and be grateful for both sides - the side that is dark and painful, and the side that is light and filled with love, joy, and light. Without the one , we would never be able to recognize the other. And like my Dad taught me, the brain is for feeling with, and the heart is for thinking with - that way you always know what is right or wrong. I'm grateful to my Dad for teaching me to use both sides of my brain, even though I don't always do it perfectly in every situation. I'm also grateful to my Mom for having taught me the Kings' Rules, even though the rest of the world is definitely not playing by them. My ballast is my family and friends, whose love I strive to be worthy of, and I am grateful to everyone ever day for all of their love and support.

Mr. Richard Carlton has taken it upon himself to help me to succeed in my business, and I hope that I emerge worthy of his help. I need to succeed even more now than I did before, because I also wish to someday be able to repay his kindness. I have sought to be a philanthropist whenever I could, and to have a stranger offer me this gift is still boggling my mind. As is now vogue in colloquial California English "whoddathunk?".

Please enjoy this website, and if you ever need, or know of someone who needs a website for their business (he also makes data bases to go along with them), whether large or small, RC Consulting is definitely the way to go. They are a group of the nicest, most intelligent ladies and gentlemen that you will ever meet, and you will experience an amazingly smooth transition of your vague ideas into a concrete reality that is above and beyond what you had ever allowed yourselves to hope for. Their two-stepping brains enable them to trouble-shoot like ballet dancers and eradicate glitches like sumo-wrestlers.

I am grateful to Mr. Carlton and Mr. Johnson for this wonderful space, and without their generosity and creative and technical talent, this space would not be possible. They thought with both brains while I kind of freaked out because this is extremely overwhelming - I actually have a website! I am just learning what that means, and every day I am also grateful for this website.

If you would like to reach Richard Carlton at Richard Carlton Consulting his information is as listed below.

1941 Rollingwood Drive Fairfield Ca, 94534
Phone (707) 422-4053 (fax) (707) 422-4903
For General E-mail send to:
For Estimates, Proposals, & Free Consultation send to:


*Namaste` -'Namaste' is an East Indian greeting which means 'the light within me bows to the light within you.' In other words, beyond our achy bones, our tired feet and our multi-colored real life soap operas, lurks a dimension that is more than the body, the persona, the ego and all the 'trappings and the suits of woe' as Hamlet would say---a dimension where there isn't a 'you' and 'me' but rather a synergy that is more than all that, a space for the eternal to rest within the temporal.

The Distance Healing Network, this is a non-profit network of healers who volunteer to send distance healing through prayer, Reiki, meditation, Spiritual prayer, etc. to anyone who requests it.

Med Astro by Gerhard Miller - this site is in German, but if you can overcome the hurdle, it is totally worth the effort! Gerhard is an Astrologer and a Heil Practitioner who is truly remarkable in his ability to help people to understand their imbalances and how to correct them. He has also written a book which he is currently translating into English. Click the link below.

Helpfull links about Reiki

Great sites for Cranio Sacral Therapy

For information about Kinesiology, check out the Touch for Health website at

For information about the Danish Federation of Reflexology, check out

A website that answers questions about Reflexology

A very informative site about Shiatsu:

Some very informative site about Tui-Na:

Some very informative sites about Qi-Gong:

A leading web resource for those affected by the rare form of cancer, mesothelioma

Visit their massage section:

or download an article on massage for cancer patients.

Mesothelioma Lung Cancer, Information on the asbestos related cancer and how to be treated.

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