Maybe You're Wondering...

What is Integrative Massage?
        Integrative Massage is based upon both western anatomy, physiology and pathology and the Oriental philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine which is based upon the 5-element law and the meridians and acupressure points. The Western knowledge is incorporated with the Eastern knowledge, creating a synergetic massage which leaves the reciever feeling both Relaxed and Energized. Integrative Massage is the massage of the physical body, meridians, and acupressure points which effect the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies, as they interconnect and nourish one another.

This is my first Massage, What can I expect?
        After welcome and introductions, you'll be asked to complete a simple intake and medical history form. This is to understand any injuries or conditions you've had or have currently that may contraindicate massage, or guide our course of treatment. We'll then talk a little bit about your goals. For example, are you looking for a general relaxation massage, or is there some specific issue or injury you'd like to have treated? Once we've agreed upon an appropriate treatment plan, the massage begins.

        Sessions can last 15 to 90 minutes. The room lights will be soft, and there will be relaxing music playing in the background. You will be left alone to undress -- to whatever level is comfortable -- and lie covered on a specially designed table. During the massage, you will be fully draped except for the part of the body that is being worked on. The techniques used will depend on what you're looking for from the massage. These can include, Swedish massage techniques (gliding strokes, kneading, compression, vibrating, percussion); trigger point or myofascial work; body alignment, range of motion exercises and stretching; breath work; and/or eastern point and meridian work to promote the smooth flow of energy.

        Following the massage, you can relax on the table for a few minutes of "re-entry," then get dressed, and meet me back in the waiting area. We'll then chat for a few minutes to discuss how the session was for you, if your goal was achieved, and if you'd like to schedule another session. I'll let you know what I observed during the session, and may suggest some stretches or exercises as follow up

What are Meridians?
        Meridians are energy channels which link specific acupressure points, transfer nourishment to, and connect with the organs, lymphatic, bones, hormonal, nervous and circulatory systems. Meridians are also connected to the Chakras and Aura systems.

What are Acupressure Points?
        Acupressure Points are specific points along the meridian channel, and each point has a physical, mental, and emotional effect. A blocked or over/under energy point means that energy either cannot flow freely through the meridian or that it is flowing too quickly or too slowly.

What is Shiatsu and Tui-Nu?
         Shiatsu and Tui-Nu are penetrating massages whih facilitate the balancing of the meridians and all physical, mental, and emotional body systems leaving the client both more relaxed and energized. As mentioned before Shiatsu works on the physical (the body), emotional (feelings), and mental (thoughts) planes. This is why one often remembers a specific action/feeling/thought/event that happened in the past when one receives pressure upon a blocked point. The pain disappears when one recognizes the problem and releases it, and the therapist continues on to the next point.
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